A global leader in the development and delivery of innovative, treatment-directing information allowing providers to design patient-specific strategies that improve outcomes, increase quality and lower the cost of cancer care.


Pierian Biosciences is dedicated to profoundly changing the approach to cancer treatment for both patients and providers in an effort to deliver on the promise of personalized medicine: the right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time.


The Pierian Biosciences technology platforms are currently undergoing optimization so they will be able to deliver specific, actionable, personalized information regarding the most appropriate chemotherapeutic, biologic, and/or immunotherapeutic cancer treatment for each patient.

With this valuable information, providers will be able to design patient-specific strategies that enhance the quality of life for cancer patients.



Functional intra- and extra- tumoral immune signaling

A comprehensive functional immuno-assay focused on intra-tumoral and peripheral “markers” of immune system activation and competence to guide the selection of the most appropriate immunotherapeutic. [MORE]



Functional measure of cytotoxic-induced apoptosis

A functional multi-parametric chemosensitivity assay providing actionable information guiding the selection of the most effective cytotoxic agent. Continuous real-time kinetic profiling of multi-parametric molecular apoptotic responses clearly differentiate ChemoINTEL from other available chemosensitivity assays. [MORE]



Functional proteomic measurement of pathway activation

A functional proteomic profiling assay which provides quantitative information on the expression and activation status of proteins of interest to identify the true oncogenic “driver” and allow selection of the most appropriate targeted and/or biologic therapy. [MORE]


Purvis Named to Executive Vice President Research and Development for Pierian Biosciences

Driving R&D Efforts Necessary to Gain FDA Approval of Cancer Treatment Assays

FRANKLIN, Tenn., August, 22, 2017 — Pierian Biosciences, the premier developer of life science technologies providing treatment directing data to aid physicians in selecting the most appropriate therapy for their patients with cancer, has named Norman Purvis, PhD, to a new position, executive vice president of research and development for the company.

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Clinical Trials–Making Good News Better

Recent published results (AACR 2018 and NEJM) from the Merck KEYNOTE-189 trial in non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) proved to be very exciting in the world of oncology. The study showed that patients treated with pembrolizumab (Keytruda™) plus chemotherapy had significantly longer overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) compared with those who received chemotherapy alone, meeting both its primary endpoints.

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