A global leader in the development and delivery of innovative, treatment-directing information allowing providers to design patient-specific strategies that improve outcomes, increase quality and lower the cost of cancer care.


Pierian Biosciences is dedicated to profoundly changing the approach to cancer treatment for both patients and providers in an effort to deliver on the promise of personalized medicine: the right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time.


The Pierian Biosciences technology platforms are currently undergoing optimization so they will be able to deliver specific, actionable, personalized information regarding the most appropriate chemotherapeutic, biologic, and/or immunotheraputic cancer treatment for each patient.

With this valuable information, providers will be able to design patient-specific strategies that enhance the quality of life for cancer patients.

The MiCK® (Micro-Culture Kinetic) Assay is a functional chemosensitivity assay based on foundational work done at Vanderbilt University and accurately quantifies the amount of cell death (apoptosis) after a patient’s live cancer cells are exposed to a broad range of chemotherapy agents.

The CEER® Assay (Collaborative Enzyme Enhanced Reactive-immunoassay) is a next generation functional proteomic platform that has the power to simultaneously quantify the expression and phosphorylation (activation) state of multiple signal transduction proteins.



The Promise of Precision Medicine

The Promise of Precision Medicine

Cancer. The numbers tell the story. 1.6 + million people diagnosed this year. National expenditures for cancer care totaling nearly $125 billion. Significant advances in the last thirty years of creating standards of care for many diseases. Effectively treating cancer...

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