About Us: Company Timeline

Pierian Biosciences delivers on the promise of personalized medicine by identifying, with a great sensitivity, specificity and predictive value, the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.


DiaTech Holdings changes name to Pierian Biosciences and acquires the CEER platform from Prometheus, a Nestle Company.


DiaTech Oncology reorganizes as DiaTech Holdings with funding from London-based KeyHolder Investments.


DiaTech Oncology opens a U.S. lab and establishes its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, a suburb of the Nashville metropolitan area.


A Medical Advisory Board is established including oncology specialists:

•    Dr. Cary Presant of City of Hope
•    Dr. Frank Prendergast of Mayo Clinic
•    Dr. Roy Herbst of MD Anderson
•    Dr. Martin Fleisher of Memorial Sloan-Kettering


The MiCK Assay® is studied at prestigious academic medical centers and private practices across the United States.



A lab is established in Montreal, Canada and clinical studies and testing begin.



Mr. Andrew “Woody” Miller, whose passion for aiding the fight against cancer started with his own family experience with the disease, funds the creation of DiaTech Oncology to commercialize the MiCK Assay®.



Nashville healthcare consultant, Garry Latimer, creates a plan to commercialize the MiCK Assay® via an incubator at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.



Two patents are issued for the MiCK Assay®, a test that measures drug-induced cell death of a patient’s cancer cells in real time. Patient cancer cells can be isolated and tested from tumor tissue, fluids, blood or bone marrow to determine efficacy of chemotherapy agents.



Dr. Vladimir Kravtsov meets Dr. Mark Koury in Paris, France, at a cancer conference and strikes up a friendship leading the Russian born researcher to US Citizenship and a position at Vanderbilt University.



Dr. Vladimir Kravtsov immigrates from Russia to Israel to pursue Leukemia research based on measuring apoptosis and discovers the underlying technology behind the microculture kinetic assay or MiCK Assay®.