Products: ChemoINTEL

ChemoINTEL accurately predicts patient response to chemotherapy and delivers more precise clinically validated data to treating physicians sooner.

Based on foundational work done at Vanderbilt University, ChemoINTEL is an entirely new category of chemo sensitivity assay. ChemoINTEL has produced accurate drug induced apoptotic response in cell lines, demonstrating reproducibility, specificity and sensitivity to successfully predict outcomes. ChemoINTEL measures in vitro apoptotic response of a patient’s tumor to chemotherapy drugs using multiple biochemical and morphologic apoptotic markers within single cells continuously over a 48 hours. ChemoINTEL provide physicians with a report of predicted patient clinical response to a panel of chemotherapy drugs  as “Sensitive” and “Non-Sensitive” within 72 hours of sample receipt.

Prior to ChemoINTEL chemosensitivity assays were based on a single endpoint measure of growth inhibition and/or cell death made on cultured patient tumor cells or the development of mouse xenograph models to measure tumor sensitivity to chemotherapy drugs. These assays provide less specific data and take much longer to report (up to 6 months).

Foundational research on the MICK Assay the predecessor to ChemoINTEL is summarized by the published articles below.

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