Products: ChemoINTEL

ChemoINTEL is a functional multi-parametric chemosensitivity assay measuring the real-time kinetic molecular and morphologic apoptotic response in isolated tumor cells (dissociated solid tumors or hematologic cancers) induced by cytotoxic agents, targeted molecular therapeutics, biologics, or combination therapy.

Pierian Biosciences has implemented an automated, 384-well based imaging platform to provide biopharmaceutical support services for Pre-Clinical thru Phase IV clinical trials. Using a highly-automated, plate-based imaging system, Pierian Biosciences provides the following for evaluation of cells from dissociated solid tumors or hematologic cancers.

  • Single-cell functional, real-time kinetic analysis of cytotoxic induced apoptosis and cell death in freshly isolated viable tumor cells
  • Quantification of cellular response across multiple molecular and morphologic metrics
  • Standardized cytotoxic drug panels based on NCCN guidelines
  • Standardized high throughput drug screening and unique ability to evaluate novel drug combinations in pre-clinical setting or early Phase I-II clinical trials

Time-lapse of Drug-induced Cell Death Kinetics. Top panel are overlays of the raw fluorescent images (Cy5, YFP and CFP) captured over a 48h time course for unmodulated (top left) and 25┬ÁM cisplatin-treated cells (top right). Middle panels reflect the positive gating quadrants of individual cells from the images above based on Cell-Event Green (YFP, apoptosis) and BOBO-1 (CFP, death) intensity at each timepoint. Bottom left panel displays the calculated viability for the unmodulated (blue line) and Cisplatin-treated cells (orange line) at each timepoint. Bottom right panel displays the induced apoptosis (delta value of unmodulated to treated population).

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