henryCancer. The numbers tell the story. 1.6 + million people diagnosed this year. National expenditures for cancer care totaling nearly $125 billion. Significant advances in the last thirty years of creating standards of care for many diseases. Effectively treating cancer goes beyond a standard approach. Welcome to the era of personalized medicine; treating patients as individuals, a therapeutic, biomarker-based approach emphasizing the use of personal genetics. Now imagine taking this method one step further. Curating actionable information related to the targeted treatment, delivered directly to physicians.
A powerful combination of data, bioscience, art and intelligence.

We are Pierian Biosciences. Our mission is profoundly changing the cancer treatment experience for patients and providers.

Our name, a Greek mythology reference to a metaphorical knowledge source of art and science. Our company is Inspired by Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s indelible book “When Breath Becomes Air”, detailing his relationship with medicine, through the moment of diagnosis and then treatment. The precision used as he writes about the first time he looked at his scans and the terrible time when his oncologist is away, treating him as a problem, not a patient. Denied the medicine he needs by a resident who provided the “standard of care.”

Pierian Biosciences model and innovative approach are rooted in individuality. Integrating an individual’s response and the variability in their individual instance of cancer to determine the right course of treatment. Taking the data one step further, Pierian gathers information throughout the entire treatment process, from diagnosis to recurrence. Providers now have a wealth of information, beyond the average and genetic profile.

Harvesting that information and measuring cancer cells in real-time is what matters. Breakthrough medicine. The right information, served at the right time, leading to predictive and personalized cancer treatments.

Customizing cures based on the person, not the disease. Measuring molecular changes in cell structures over a 48-hour period, providing physicians and clinicians feedback as to what chemotherapies may predict positive outcomes. Real-time, actionable information.

We are Pierian Biosciences. Personalized Cancer Intelligence.

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