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Tumors with Elevated Immune-Suppressive Treg Cell Levels Have Reduced Tumor Resisting CD8+ Cytotoxic T Cells

Treg Enumeration in Multiple Dissociated Tumor Types. Left panel bar graph representing Treg average % in multiple tumor types compared to healthy donor PBMCs. An inverse relationship of CD8+/Treg+ % (red line) was observed across multiple tumor types. Top right panel displays gating of Tregs (left histogram) derived from the CD4+ T cells (right histogram).

Differential Granzyme B Expression in CD8+ Cells From Primary Tumors and Healthy Donor PBMCs

Granzyme B Quantification in Dissociated Tumor CD8+ T Cells. Left panel histograms representing Granzyme B expression in CD8+ T cells from two primary tumors compared to peripheral blood CD8+ T cells. Top right panel displays the CD4+ T cell and CD8+ T cell ratios for the two primary tumors.